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Department of Chemical & Bio-Technology » Laboratories

Equipments available with Department of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering (Click Here)

The department provides the basic laboratories so as to build a perfect base to the professional carrier of the students. The Bio-Technology Laboratory is fully functional at this period of time.

A list of instruments, the laboratory is equipped with, are as follows.

Gel Documentation System
Gel Documentation System - Used for visualization of DNA and proteins

Autoclave - Used for sterilization of reagents, plastic wares and glass wares

Refrigerated centrifuge
Refrigerated centrifuge - Used for sedimentation and separation of solutes which are sensitive to high temperature

-86°C freezer
-86°C freeze - Used for long term viability storage of samples such as cell lines, enzymes, antibodies etc

BOD Incubator
BOD Incubator - Used for incubation and testing of Biological oxygen demand

Thermal Cycler
Thermal Cycler - Used for amplification of DNA