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Department of Civil Engineering » Laboratories

The department provides the basic laboratories so as to build a perfect base to the professional career of the students. The laboratories which are fully functional at this period of time are:

  • Geotechnical Engineering Lab
  • Survey Laboratory
  • Material Testing Lab
  • Structural Engineering Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics
1. Geotechnical Engineering Lab

Triaxial Testing Machine for standard and large diameter samples, Consolidation Apparatus, Direct shear test, SPT equipment, Permeameter, Proctor, and IS moulds and Rammer Ovens, Index Properties Testing Apparatus, Augers and Samplers, Hydraulic jacks.

2. Survey Laboratory

One second Theodolite, Twenty Second Transient Theodolites, Dumpy Levels, IOP Levels, Engineer's precision level, Quick setting Dump Level, Plane table with Telescopic Alidade, Chains, Staves, Planimeter & cross staff, Prismatic Compass, Surveyor's Comopass, Box Sextent, Ghat Tracer, Abney Level and Pentagraph.

3. Material Testing Lab

Compression Testing Machine, Flexure Testing Machine, Flow Table, Slump Test Apparatus, Vibrating Table, Needle vibrator, Compaction Factor Apparatus, Vee-Bee Consistometer, Vicat Apparatus, Standard Cone Penetration Apparatus, Tile Flexure Testing Machine, Sieve shaker.

4. Structural Engineering Lab

Reaction of Beam apparatus, Bending Moment Apparatus, Shearing force apparatus, Deflection of Beams apparatus, three hinged arches, two hinged parabolic Arch, load fixing moments, Maxwell Bette's Theorem apparatus, Muller Breslau's End Moment apparatus, Tension coefficient apparatus, Critical load on struts, eccentrically loaded struts, Elastic Beam Apparatus

5. Fluid Mechanics

The laboratory provides support to undergraduate, teaching so that students have the opportunity to see by themselves the essential fluid mechanics principles. The hydraulics laboratory has flumes for undertaking cutting edge research in the area of pipe flow, open-channel flow, sediment transport processes and other dedicated equipments like Venturimeters, Pelton wheel, Kaplan and Francis turbines and Reynold’s apparatus. Work is also being carried out in land use and land cover classification, river migration, water-shed delineation, flow accumulation and hill slope hydrology.