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Department of Electrical Engineering »Members of Faculty

Dr. Abhik Banerjee
Assistant Professor & Head of the Department
Email: abhik_banerjee[at]rediffmail[dot]com, abhik.eee[at]nitap[dot]in
Contact No.: +91 94852 30670
Research Interests: Reactive power compensation, Distributed generation
Area of Specialization: Power System Engineering

Dr. Rajen Pudur
Assistant Professor
Email: rajenpudur1977[at]gmail[dot]com, rajenpudur.eee[at]nitap[dot]in
Contact No.: +91 94366 34942
Research Interests: Power Systems, Non-conventional/Conventional Source of Energy, High Voltage Engineering
Area of Specialization: Power Systems,Renewable Energy, Distributed Generation

Dr. Rajib Jana
Assistant Professor
Email: itsrajibjana[at]gmail[dot]com, rajib.ee[at]nitap[dot]in
Contact No.: +91 84020 95186
Research Interests: Antenna and Microwave, Advanced Numerical Techniques for Electromagnetic Calculation
Area of Specialization: Antenna and Microwave

Prof. P.D.Kashyap
Visiting Associate Professor
Email: pd_kashyap[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in, pdkashyap.eee[at]nitap[dot]in
Contact No.: +91 94362 71839
Research Interests: Renewable Energy
Area of Specialization: Measurement & Instrumentation

Ralli Sangno
Assistant Professor
Email: rallidamme[at]gmail[dot]com, rallisangno.eee[at]nitap[dot]in
Contact No.: +91 94028 55977
Research Interests: Power System Control
Area of Specialization: Power System

Shantanu Chatterjee
Assistant Professor
Email: instru59engg[at]gmail[dot]com, shantanu.eee[at]nitap[dot]in
Contact No.: +91 94362 88556
Research Interests: PID Controller tunning, Active Power Filters, Smart Grid & Anti Islanding, Power Electronics Applications in Renewable Energy System
Area of Specialization: Power Electronices & Drives

Brajagopal Datta
Assistant Professor
Email: brajagopal1989[at]gmail[dot]com, brajagopal.eee[at]nitap[dot]in
Contact No.: +91 94029 21580
Research Interests: Power System, High Voltage Engineering
Area of Specialization: High Voltage Engineering